About Jess and Rach from Candle Occasion

Jessica’s and Rachel’s Story

Candle Occasion was founded by Jess and Rach (hello), two sisters who have a passion for candles, the Earth and a little bit of luxury. The two sisters have for the most part been inseparable, until wanderlust became too intoxicating and they went separate ways to explore different corners of the globe. To hold onto their connection whilst travelling, for special occasions, they would send a candle to each other. This candle would symbolise the sisters love for one another no matter how far apart they were.

Whilst travelling around the beautiful planet, Jess and Rach both realised the impact that we all have individually and collectively on the Earth, and the importance of protecting it. These values coupled with their story allowed Candle Occasion to be born. Creating a company that brings you luxurious, beautifully fragranced and eco-friendly candles, so that you too can share the love and stay connected to the people you hold dearly in your hearts.

Our Values


Love really does make the world go round. Our candles are hand poured with love ready for you to share with your loved ones or there to give yourself an extra dose of loving.


We have an enormous passion for not only candles but our beautiful planet that gives us life. We believe that we can live in harmony with nature and still have that little bit of luxury. 


Our designs are simple, beautifully fragranced, and designed with you in mind.

Scentimental Gift

Our thoughtful, meaningful and scentsational candles allow you to share the magic when you give and receive the perfect gift.


We know that being sustainable is never perfect, but it is something very important to us and we want to make extra efforts to be as friendly to the environment as possible, from our natural, vegan friendly wax to the packaging. Knowing where our materials come from is essential and as we continue to grow and learn we hope to further improve sustainability throughout our supply chain.

Say it with Love

Each Candle Occasion candle has been designed for a specific occasion. Allowing you to choose a candle that is perfect for you, your home or as a beautiful gift for a loved one. You may simply want to say thank-you, express your love to a friend or have a candle to snuggle up to at home. We hope you love these candles as much as we do and we are excited to launch more occasions soon.

Candle Occasion Say it with Love